AWAY GAME SNACKS & BEVERAGES – we require parent volunteers to purchase and deliver snacks and beverages prior to bus departure. Sign up sheets (coming soon) for each of team is available on our website.

HAND SANITIZER & SANITIZING WIPES – ideally, we’d like to have hand sanitizer and wipes at all events to maintain a clean working environment. We’ve created a donation sign-up sheet.

FUNDRAISING – unfortunately is a challenge for us this year due to the global pandemic, but it remains a vital part of our program because it covers the costs for future needs not covered by the athletic department. We will not be able to hold our 2 major annual fundraisers – the Carwash and Concession Sales. In order to offset our losses, we have come up with different fundraising opportunities. The 3 fundraisers we have are the Spiritwear/Novelties fundraiser through Underground Printing, a partnership with Kroger and Busch’s and we are also asking pioneer soccer families to, if possible, add a monetary donation to the $175.00 program fee – any amount will help!

PHOTOGRAPHERS – each team needs a photographer to take game action shots. Photographers need to make sure each player, including injured players and coaches, on every team are photographed throughout the season. Photographs are needed for the Pioneer Omega Department’s year book, our senior night and banquet programs, the end of year memory books we create for each player, as well as the slide show for the banquet. Photographers are to keep a list of players by jersey number they intend to photograph, making it easier to keep track and not leave anyone out. Please sign-up to support the teams.

PWS BANQUET – will be held on Sunday, May 23rd. The event is potluck style that will be held outdoors this year at the Banquet Pavilion at Independence Lake and is a great end of the season event attended by coaches, players, and their families.

Chairperson, Pamela Baker will need 5 parent volunteers to arrange tables, decorate, and set-up audio-visual equipment. The parent volunteers help make this event a success. Please use the sign up sheet to volunteer to be part of the setup and decorating team. A mid-season planning Zoom meeting will be held to coordinate volunteer efforts.

SCOREBOARD – It is important that we have a parent to operate the scoreboard during every home game. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the game to get settled and trained. If you have signed up to volunteer and
unexpectedly can’t make it, please try and find a sub and let Dominique know ASAP via text or call (734) 646-3798. Sign-ups for each team here.

SENIOR NIGHT – is scheduled for our last home game Thursday, May 20th verses Monroe. The evening consists of a pre-game on-the-field ceremony and a reception that follows the game. We are planning to hold this event outdoors at Holloway Field this year, but the location is subject to change. Chairperson, Pamela Baker will need 2 parent volunteers to help purchase food and setup the reception.

  • 2 parent volunteers are needed to organize event which generally includes flowers and a reception after the game
  • Assisting with gathering information needed by our graphic designer for the programs