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To the Seniors of the 2020 Pioneer Women’s Soccer Program,

Thank you for being part of this program and laying the foundation for every team that comes after you. As I coach future groups of Pioneer players, I’ll know that they are running in your footsteps, following the lead you all laid down this year. Being your coach has made me so proud.

When our excitement from tryouts was just about to turn into the hard, rewarding work of a season of excellence, instead, we all took a knee at home. In the middle of a global pandemic, I watched you all bring your commitment to our program anyway, because you loved your school, your friends, and your sport. You had hopes for positive outcomes with your hard work, inclusive and supportive attitudes, and a competitive spark that would not be extinguished. 

I am sad about the missed opportunity to work and grow with you all in soccer and to stand with you on the fields in competition & excellence for all your friends and community to see. I am, though, so proud of the leadership that you all have exhibited in such an unusual and challenging time.

Please know that Pioneer Women’s Soccer will always be your team. We will always hold a space for you to come work out, ask questions, and get support when times are difficult, now and in the future. I believe in you all and your ability to take your hopes, hard work, positive & supportive attitude, and competitive spark into all areas of your future work. You will be continuing to build our communities wherever you may land, and we will be holding you up from home.

We Are One, We Are Pioneer, and We Rise!

Coach Sid

Sidney Levitt-Phillips Pioneer Women’s Varsity Coach


Dear 2020 PWS Seniors:

As you look back on the last few months of your time as a high school student athlete, I hope that you can see how you moved through loss to create your reality anew. I hope you see that this intense path of upending change has led you to your very own beginning, for which you are ready to create. I know that when I think of all you, this is what I know to be true. 

Each of you has before you a brilliant future that will ask you to change and grow,and I am filled with excitement to see you rise –

Siobhan Pioneer Women’s JV Coach 

On behalf of the boosters, congratulations ladies and we wish you the best of luck!