Game Days

TRANSPORTATION – is only provided to away games outside Washtenaw County. For Varsity and JV teams these will be Woodhaven, Monroe, Pinckney, Bedford, and Seaholm. For the Freshman team these will be Dearborn, Salem, Divine Child, Plymouth, Brighton, Hartland, Northville, and Seaholm. The coaches expectation is that all players will ride the bus to and from games. There will be 22 students to every bus one in each seat. Bus departure times for away games will be sent in the weekly schedule.

Players are responsible for their transportation to and from all other away games within Washtenaw County.


  • Junior Varsity – 45 minutes before kick-off
  • Varsity – 1.5 hours before kick-off

ARRIVAL TIMESAWAY GAMES (when no bus provided)

  • Junior Varsity – warm up starts 45 minutes before game time
  • Varsity – arrive 1 hours before game time, if not earlier

UNIFORM COLORS – for home games wear purple jerseys and socks. For away wear white jerseys and socks. Shorts are purple for both home and away games. Players are to properly wear their PWS masks to games as part of their uniform. Players always need to pack their spare mask in their bags.  

SPECTATORS – AAPS is allowing two spectators per participant at each home sporting event. Pioneer HS will use our rosters to allow two spectators per participant. No specific names are required, but each student is limited to 2 spectators. As a reminder, people signed up as photographers and scoreboard keepers are not spectators. Only those signed up as a volunteer on our website will be listed as a volunteer worker.  Some schools require an entrée fee of $5.00/spectator. 

PERMISSION TO TRAVEL SEPARATELY FORM – Please fill in and print out the Permission to Travel for athletic transportation in a private vehicle form and hand it in at uniform distribution. Any waivers will be granted on a case by case scenario.

Permission to Travel.pdf

Required by Pioneer HS. Must be completed and returned to your coach prior to first game.