Covid-19 Updates

Future Weekly Testing – Required to participate in Spring sports by AAPS District.

  • Wednesday @ 3:45pm, Holloway Field (Stadium), Pioneer HS
  • On Wednesday, students with a 7th hour are to go to the trainer’s office to get tested and NOT the field.  
  • Players returning from quarantine have to also stop by the trainer’s office (not the field) with all the necessary paperwork as per protocol in order to be officially cleared to return to play.  
  • Based on test results we’ll know if we play the rest of the week. Group-Me/email will go out only if rest the of the week is canceled.  


  • Students or staff traveling internationally should self-quarantine for 10 days after returning to the U.S. and may not attend in-person school.


  • Testing and quarantine is recommended but not required. 

ALL PLAYERS: It is important that any student who would NOT pass our daily COVID screener, should not attend testing on Monday.  If a student has symptoms OR has been around someone with COVID, that student should NOT attend our testing on Monday.  She should get a PCR test and report results to the Coach and athletic Director.  The student cannot return to practice until we receive results of the negative PCR test.  

SPRING SPORT TESTING PROCEDURES: (Required by district to participate in Spring sports)
Location: Stadium Team Rooms – Girls Soccer, Girls Lacrosse, Boys Lacrosse

Start Times:

  • Varsity @ 4:30pm
  • JV @ 4:50pm
  • Freshmen @ 5:10pm

Make up date – TUESDAY 4/6 3-5pm @ Pioneer Trainers (located by tennis courts nearest the school)

Each student-athlete must bring the attached (3-page) COVID MDHHS Consent and Registration and Code of Conduct form and TWO copies of the BinaxNOW Antigen Testing Result Form on Monday.  This is their TICKET into the testing, here is a link to the document Pioneer COVID-19 Testing. Several of you have already turned in this paperwork at uniform distribution. Please check the attached ’team paperwork checklist’ to see if any of your paperwork is missing or complete. Thank you!

We ask that you please follow instructions to fill out the forms:

  • BinaxNOW Test Result form. Each athlete is to  complete 2 COPIES of the TOP PORTION including Test Location (Pioneer HS), Provider (Coach name) and Provider Affiliation (Coach).  Also complete Individual Participant Information including race/ethnicity but NOT symptoms.
  • Consent and Registration Form (3 pages) Testing Facility (Pioneer HS), Address (601 West Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI – 48108), Phone (734-994-2151), Organization (Pioneer Women’s Soccer)  
  • You’ll need to be handing in a total of 5 pages.  

Coaches will be provided training and will be part of the testing process.  The attached video will give you an overview of what the testing entails (

The MHSAA has recently updated its guidelines to mandate antigen testing for all Spring athletes starting 4/2/2021. Our mask requirements will continue as previously communicated: covering nose and mouth when participating in all athletic events, games, and practices.

Ideally, we will have hand sanitizer and clean wipes at all events to maintain a clean working environment.  Nothing about the past year has been ideal, though, so we HIGHLY recommend creating a personal kit with extra masks, hand sanitizer & cleaning wipes and keeping it in players’ bags at all times.

Families Traveling During Spring Break (or at any time during the season)

  • Review the guidelines for returning to play and be prepared to comply with safety protocols. 
  • Contact me (734) -717-8907 or Dominique Chetcuti (734)-646-3798 ASAP, if you cannot fully comply with the protocols for any reason.

We appreciate everyone’s support in doing all that we can to make this a successful year and more importantly a safe year.

COVID-19 Protocols:

  • Complete google docs – Covid Health Screen Questionnaire BEFORE arriving at the field.
  • All attendees agree to wear a mask at all times
  • 6ft social distancing required during warm-up, stretching, and awareness at all times
  • All Parents or drivers should remain on site until player has cleared the prescreening process
  • Dress appropriately for weather 
  • NO shared equipment 
  • All equipment should washed daily
  • Check for practice cancelations due to inclement weather 

NO SCHOOL FACILITIES AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID-19 if student/coach does not clear the COVID screening:

  • Student will be escorted to the exit and parent notified immediately.  
  • Any student/coach who leaves practice with COVID symptom is required to go to a physician before returning to practice.  A note from a physician with the results of a COVID test and a date for safe return must be provided to the Pioneer High School Athletic Director.
  • If a coach or student tests positive, notify the Athletic Director immediately.  Be prepared to share your full list of team members with contact information (student & parent name, phone number and email) within 24 hours of notification.


Step 1: The athletic director or designee shall make contact with the student or staff member who has disclosed a positive test for COVID-19 notifying him/her that a district official will be calling to speak to him/her and a parent (if it is a student). The district official will prefer to have the parent and student on the phone at the same time, if possible. The athletic director or designee shall provide the district official the following: 

  • Student’s or staff’s first and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Names and phone numbers for parents/guardians
  • Date of last at practice or on school property, whichever is most recent
  • Date of test results (if possible)
  • Any other information collected by the athletic director or designee regarding symptoms, others in the household who were sick or tested positive, etc.   

Step 2: The district official shall:

  • Interview the parent/student or staff member checking in on symptoms, asking about anyone they were within 6′ of for more than 15 minutes (close contacts) at practice and school grounds, and provide follow-up information.
  • Connect with the Washtenaw County Health Dept to go over the information and get advice on the need for quarantine of any players, coaches, or others. (Note: A positive case on a team usually will result in a 2-week suspension of team practices and games.)
  • Follow-up with the parent/student or staff member.
  • Communicate to the athletic director, principals, and executive director regarding recommendation for quarantines, as well as communication to the team, if necessary.
  • Call any “close contacts” with information about quarantine. (We will alert people that the WCHD will be in touch; WCHD gives the official quarantine order.)