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2021 Tryouts

Tryouts are currently scheduled for March 22nd through March 24th. Final team selections will be announced after tryouts finish on the evening of March 24th. Process changes are in place to prevent running over our allotted time dedicated to individual player offers.
All schedules and activities are subject to change on short notice due to the number of moving pieces. It is important to be checking our calendar, emails, and connecting with our booster club to get the best and most up to date information. read more

Important Updates:

1) Players should receive a questionnaire about some basic playing history, individual interests and availability for “optional” preseason conditioning very soon.
2) I have created a GROUPME# (app) text thread to get information directly to players, many players are already connected. If your player would like to get information this way please contact Dominique Chetcuti with necessary information i.e. player name and phone number.
3) Tentative start date for TEAM preseason conditioning is the week of 2/8/2021.

4) HIGHLY RECOMMEND – Players should get active in the safest ways possible. Many student-athletes are experiencing reduced cardiovascular fitness due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Coach Sid
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Student Athlete Registration

Pioneer High School student athletes must complete the required registration process to attend tryouts and participate in the PWS program.

There are multiple steps to the registration process:

  • AA Pioneer Athletic Participation Form
  • Pay to Participate through REC & ED
  • See the Pioneer HS registration website for more details on whether you need to complete both forms (a & b) below or just form b:
    a) Physical Examination Form  OR  b) MHSAA Health Questionnaire 
  • Submit completed form(s) to Maureen Murrett via email
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