• Monday, March 9th,  –    4pm to 6pm  –  Holloway Field 
  • Tuesday, March 10th  –     4pm to 6pm  –  Holloway Field
  • Wednesday, March 11th –    4pm to 6pm  – Holloway Field  
  • Team announcements 6:45pm to 7:15pm (Athletic Classroom)

Thursday,  March 12th –  Mandatory, parent/player general meeting in the Annex at 7pm

  • We will be collecting the $175.00 fee at this meeting please make checks payable to Pioneer Booster Club and be sure to write the player’s name in the memo space. Kindly note, players will not be able to collect their gear on Friday, March 13th unless this fee is paid. (This fee is waived for players on scholarship.)

Friday, March 13th – 4pm to 6pm  practice.  Following practice, teams will be introduced to the trainers and training room, and uniforms will be distributed in the Athletic Classroom.

Varsity Head Coach: Sid Levitt-Phillips
Junior Varsity Coach: Siobhan Norman

Registration/Physical/ Program Cost

Player Registration: Players must be registered and have the appropriate forms submitted with the Pioneer H.S. Athletic Office in order to participate in tryouts. Visit  http://pioneerathletics.net/  and open the registration tab for details. Players must have all materials submitted before tryouts in order to participate.

Program cost: AAPS 2019/2020 Total Pay-To-Play fee is $265.  After team selections, an additional fee of $175/player will be due (payable to “Pioneer Booster Club” and include the players name in the memo line) at the  general program meeting March 12th; this additional fee covers team-related costs including socks, team outings and senior night, banquet, practice jerseys, away game snacks and recovery drinks, etc. 

Pay to Participate: Enrollment for High School 2019-2020 PTP is open. 

High School Student Fees: There is an annual Sport Fee of $250 which includes all three sports seasons: Fall, Winter and Spring. In addition, all students are also required to pay a $15 nonrefundable AAPS insurance fee. The total Pay to Participate fee is $265 per student*.  

Note: Students participating in a “Club Sport” are only required to pay the $15.00 nonrefundable AAPS insurance fee and are exempt from the Pay to Participate $250 Sports Fee.

*Within the same school year, if a family has more than two students participating in high school athletics the additional high school students in the same family will have the Pay to Participate Sport Fee waived. These additional students will still need to pay the $15.00 AAPS insurance fee. 

Physical: All athletes must have a current physical before being able to tryout: Pioneer Athletics Medical History Form   Completed physical forms should be handed in to the Athletic Office.  

Please contact:
Varsity Head Coach: Sid Levitt-Phillips levittphillipss@aaps.k12.mi.us  with any questions regarding tryouts and  
Dominique Chetcuti   Program Coordinator, famchet@comcast.net for further information, questions, or concerns regarding registration.